March 17, 2018 ~ Shabbat VAYIQRA. Maqam RAST.

Mehayar - بيات محير


Maqam Mehayar Bayat - or Mohayar- מוחייאר - is on the scale of Hoseni (lower jins on Bayat on D-duqah, upper jins Bayat on A-Hoseni). Sayir: Upper jins Bayat are developed before descending to Bayat on D-duqah. This maqam is its own section in the Red Book and most other pizmonim manuscripts.

For "Maqam of the Week" it can be applied (according to at least one of the maqam source lists) for Shabbat: Terumah, Kallah, Shim'ou, Shubah, and the eighth day of a holiday.

 This maqam is related to Maqam Saba according to the Turkish, but related to Bayat and Hoseni according to others.


Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
392 319 מגן ועזרה Moses Ashear Shames wedding. Alludes to the Ten Sefirot. I. Cabasso
E. Menaged
393 320 עירי בנה Moses Ashear E. Menaged
E. Menaged 2
394 321 מרום ראשון ואחרון Moses Ashear J Gindi.
395 321 אשיר אני Moses Ashear J Gindi. M Tawil
I. Cabasso
Y. Bozo
I Cabasso 2
396 322 מזיוך תנהיר עלי Moses Ashear Bar Misvah of Sion Nasar, son of Shemuel and Sanyar Nasar. Allusions to these names are in text. "San Yar", the mother's name, is divided into two words. Ashear Manuscript Recording
Y Hamaoui- Pizmon
397 323 יה מתנשא Moses Ashear Meyer Salem wedding. Ashear Manuscript G. Shrem
Isaac Cabasso- Rau Banim
398 324 מלכי יוצרי Moses Ashear Composed by H Moshe Ashear in honor of the wedding of Ezra Moshe and Nahmo Azar Cohen, on February 25, 1925. Photographs courtesy of descendents Jack and Ezra Azar. Ashear Manuscript Wedding of Ezra and Nahmo Azar 2-25-1925 Photograph of Ezra Moshe and Nahmo Azar E. Menaged
G. Shrem
I Cabasso
שועת עניים
399 325 מראשית כל Moses Ashear Harari wedding. Ashear Manuscript M. Nadaf
I Cabasso
400 326 ממלכות הארץ Moses Ashear Abadi wedding. Ashear Manuscript G. Shrem
G. Shrem
401 327 יה החישה ותנה לי Moses Ashear Kassin wedding. Ashear Manuscript G. Shrem
402 328 ידידי יה נפשי טהר Arabic is "Gadedi Ya Nafsi," sung by Saleh Abd El Hai. Maqam Hoseni. Ashear Manuscript E. Menaged
E. Menaged 2
Arabic: Gadedi Ya Nafsi
Aram Soba Orchestra
403 328 מדבש ונפת צוף Moses Ashear Written pre 1928 in honor of Ma'oz Laebyon. Ashear Manuscript G. Shrem
404 329 מנת חבלי Moses Ashear Franco. E. Menaged
E. Menaged 2
405 330 אשא דעי Moses Ashear R. Jacob Kassin's song. Photograph of H Jacob Kassin and Family J. Mosseri
406 331 מלך הדור Moses Ashear Maqam Kourd Wedding of Isaac Haim Massri; March 20, 1934. Leaflet I. Cabasso
Fule Yanani
E Menaged- Shavat