August 3, 2020 ~ Shabbat EQEB. M SIGAH

Oj - اوج


Maqam Awj or Oj- אוג'- This is within the Sigah family. In Persian, it literally means "high sound". It is associated with the Purim festival. Musically, it is the scale of Maqam Iraq (Sigah on B half flat-Iraq, Sigah on Sigah). Sayir: sung from top to bottom. This section appears as a unique section in the Red Book as well as most other pizmonim books and manuscripts.


Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
513 430 אני בחסדך גדלתי Raphael Tabbush Song has the same acrostic as "Anah B'koakh" (which is a name of Hashem).
514 430 אל פקוד עמך Raphael Tabbush El Füad Habaq - Amal Hussein. M. Nadaf
Moshe Diib Laniado
Y. Bozo
Amos Dodi
R Barzani- Qaddish
R Barzani- Keter
R Barzani- Naqdishakh
Arabic: El Fuad Habaq
Eliahou Ozen- Nishmat