January 28, 2023 ~ Sh BO. M SIGAH.

Iraq - العراق



Maqam Iraq - אירק/  איראק - This maqam, also called "Sigah Tam", appears in almost all older manuscripts. This maqam is named after the Iraq region, also called Mesopotamia. It is perhaps one of the oldest maqamat, dating to the ~1200's. This maqam is a popular variation of Maqam Sigah, with the second tetrachord being Bayat. Pieces in Sigah often modulate on Maqam Iraq. This maqam is a "Maqam of the Week" option on at least one source list for the following Shabbats: Noah, Vayishlah, Bo, Sav, Tahor, Shelah, Eqeb, Reeh, Ki Tabo. 

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