December 2, 2023 ~ VAYISHLAH. SABA/SIGAH.

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طقوسي التقاليد والتسجيلات الموسيقية في المجتمع اليهودي السفارديم حلب السورية

כֶּמִנְהַג אָרַם צוֹבָא - ק"ק חַלַף

David Matouk Betesh DMD dedicates this project in memory of his Great Grandfather, Hazzan Gabriel A Shrem, and in honor of his dear teacher, Hazzan Isaac J Cabasso.

לזָכּוֹת בּוֹ הַרָבִּים

שְנַת חַמֶשֵת אַלָפִים שְבַע מְאוֹת שִשִים וּשְתַיִם לְיֶצִירָה

MAQAM OF THE WEEK: SABA / SIGAH                וישלח

For Shabbat Vayishlah (Genesis 32:4- 36:43), Maqam SIGAH/IRAQ is listed in 11 sources, BAYAT/HOSENI is listed in 9 sources, and SABA is listed in 6 sources. The selection of SUHV (Red Pizmonim Book) is Maqam SABA or SIGAH. An explanation for SABA (Hebrew: army), the maqam for Berit Mila, is because Jacob prepares for war against Esav. Another reason for SABA is because the Hivites are deceived into undergoing Berit Mila (Genesis 34). An explanation for SIGAH, a maqam associated with the building of the tabernacle, is because in Bet El, Jacob fulfills his vow of building an altar (i.e. Tabernacle). In the notes of H Moshe Ashear from the last four years of his life, we see that he prayed Maqam RAST for two years, and Maqam SIGAH the other two years. Sephardic Pizmonim Project,

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