May 27, 2024 ~ Sh BEHUQOTAI. Maqam NAHWAND.

Ashiran - عشيران


Maqam Ashiran - עשיראן - consists of 2 pizmonim in Red Book; one by Tabbush and one by Ashear.

 In most other pizmonim manuscripts it also consists of its own section.

 The maqam's full name is Husseini Ushairan.

 Its lower jin: Bayat on A-Hoseni, and Upper jin: Bayat on D-Mouhayar.


  • Shabbat Emor when it does not coincide with Shabbat prior to Lag La'Omer
  • Shabbat Re'eh
  • Shabbat Rosh Hodesh

Index of Pizmonim

Pizmon Page Song CommentaryRecordings Application
431 354 אני אשיר שיר Ezra Moshe Soued E. Menaged
I Cabasso
שועת עניים
432 355 בני בגילך Moses Ashear Bar Missva. G. Shrem
G. Shrem
Moshe Dwek