November 26, 2022 ~ Shabbat TOLEDOT. MAHOUR.

  Digital Music Archive of the Sephardic community of Aleppo

طقوسي التقاليد والتسجيلات الموسيقية في المجتمع اليهودي السفارديم حلب السورية

כֶּמִנְהַג אָרַם צוֹבָא - ק"ק חַלַף

David Matouk Betesh DMD dedicates this project in memory of his Great Grandfather, Hazzan Gabriel A Shrem, and in honor of his dear teacher, Hazzan Isaac J Cabasso.

לזָכּוֹת בּוֹ הַרָבִּים

שְנַת חַמֶשֵת אַלָפִים שְבַע מְאוֹת שִשִים וּשְתַיִם לְיֶצִירָה

MAQAM OF THE WEEK: MAHOUR         תולדות

ביד מלאכי תולדות
מקאם מאהור נגונים
חובי מלכי סלח נשמת
נעימה לי שועת
עד ה' אלהיך ונשובה  ההודאות
ידידי אמרו  קדיש
ידך תנחני  שמחים
אל חון על בת  ממצרים
חסדך קדם  נקדישך
שבתי שבתי  פזמון ספר תורה

On Shabbat Toledot (Genesis 25:19- 28:9), services are conducted in Maqam MAHOUR according to ALL Syrian sources. This maqam, often defined as 'defeated' in Arabic, can be described as a "high Rast," and is used when there is a victory or a reversal of fortune. This relates here, because Esav is defeated as he suffers the consequences of selling his birthright. In addition, the word 'Mahour' is similar to the Hebrew word 'Maher,' which means quick. This relates here, because in the narrative, Jacob acts very quickly. In the Red Pizmonim Book, this maqam is listed for only twice a year; Toledot and Balaq. HAZZANUT: Semehim: Yadekha Tanheni (page 149). Sephardic Pizmonim Project,


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